About us 

Top10icos.co  was created with the intention of providing our users an up-to-date and reliable list of the 10 best ICOs available on the market at any given moment. 

Our mission is to make taking part in ICOs easy and accessible to everyone by providing you with all the necessary information to make the best investment decisions for you, thus, giving you the best chance for success.

Top 10 icos  was founded by a group of crypto-savvy partners, each with extensive experience in different fields. Including: cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency speculation, ICO launching, investing and blockchain technology. 

Our goal, at top 10 icos, was to take all of our collected knowledge gained from past failures and successes and implement it into a platform that presents the top ICO investment opportunities for you.

There are hundreds of ICOs being launched weekly, and we, at top 10 icos, research each one assessing factors such as the team, white paper, credibility, long term value, token allocation, and signals to separate the best we can, ICOs from the scams or unreliable ones, so you don’t have to. 

It is easy to get lost with so many ICOs on the market, which is why we limit acceptance to our platform to only the top 10 best ICOs.

But let us be clear, when we started our journey in the crypto-world/universe, we suffered major losses and major gains, the losses are what you mainly remember, if your smart, you make sure you never make the same mistake again.

So, please, ALWAYS, check for yourself and do crypto homework like we, at top 10 icos do:

1.How disruptive is the project?

What industry its about to turn upside down? what is the problem they are aiming to solve? check the code on The projects Github and go to BitcoinTalk of the project and check what’s discussed there.



2.The Team:

Go over each and every linkedin profile of each company employee there is on the ico’s website, check if its a real or fake profile, check their job history, is it connected to the idea of the ico? who are their connections, their prior experience, check if they’ve written posts, articles etc. check the projects advisors the same way as well.

3.Check token allocation:

How many are going to be created, how many sold on the ico, are the remaining will be burnt? check allocation in pre sale, main sale etc.


Check the projects social print; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (you can see the projects twitter and youtube ICO reviews on each ICO page in the website), Telegram, Github, BitcoinTalk, Reddit ,Slack and any other social platform the project can be found.

Check the conversation, see how many friends/followers/likes/twits there are. check how responsive are the admins, are the rest of the team involved in the social arena, representing the project? is the ceo answering people on Telegram.

In short… check all the social prints of the project.

So, now, after all the info you got here,here at top 10 icos, we encourage you to do the research yourself.

we filtered for you from all the ongoing ICO’s only 10, believe us, there are so many it was hard to choose.

If you know of a real good project, please let us know.