The History Of Cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency ever created was Bitcoin in 2008. However, what most people don’t know is that it was never intended to be a currency. Bitcoin was launched as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was always intended to be a decentralized and anonymous system, much like the creator who is a mystery to this day. 

History of blockchain

Nobody actually knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is (or are) and there’s a good chance we will never find out.

What we do know, is that he created a new economy that no one had managed to create before by finding the formula for a decentralized monetary community.

A few notable cryptocurrencies followed in the wake of bitcoinEthereum which completely changed the world of cryptocurrency forever by bringing to life the “smart contracts” and enabling ever faster growing ecosystem of ico’s.

There are quite a few other major cryptocurrencies  such as  Litecoin, Neo, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and IOTA, each contributing a new innovation to this new economy. Out of this economy also came the creation of ICOs, with the first reported ICO coming out in 2013.

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