Cedex – ico review

ICO Start:              Started

ICO End:                March 16, 2018

Token:                    Cedex

Token Standard:  ERC20

Platform:               Ethereum

Price:                     TBD

Total Supply:       50Mil/100Mil

Buy With:             BTC/ETH

Location:              Gibraltar

Cedex turns mystery into liquidity and offers three critical financial market factors:

Transparency – All diamonds in CEDEX are evaluated using the DEX, our proprietary machine learning algorithm, which will provide a theoretical price for the diamonds and rate each diamond by its relative value. Using DEX does not require any expertise in diamonds.

Liquidity – Currently, retail customers can’t sell diamonds at their real market value as they have no access to an exchange. The CEDEX Exchange creates a two-sided market by enhancing the supply and demand side. In 2016 alone, over US $20 billion worth of diamonds were sold to the retail market. Once diamond holders have the ability to sell their stones via CEDEX, it will create an unprecedented flow to the CEDEX Exchange. Additionally, CEDEX is open to dealers looking for a new distribution channel to list their inventory for investment. On the demand side, by leveraging our online expertise, CEDEX will gradually expand to different markets and open this new asset class to investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Fungibility – One of the main difficulties of transforming diamonds into a financial asset class is the ability to create a homogeneous product, as no two diamonds are alike. CEDEX innovative solution combines blockchain technology and our proprietary machine-learning algorithm in order to create category trading.

For the first time, diamond holders wanting to liquidate or leverage their holdings can upload their diamonds to CEDEX as a single stone, a shared investment on a high-value diamond or as a diamond basket sold to multiple investors. This is done via a simple onboarding process that creates smart blockchain contracts that tokenize the diamond.

With its extensive industry knowledge, CEDEX is engineering a ground-breaking change, enabling people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.


CEDEX is launching the new CEDEX Coin, a Token on March 16th 2018, allowing investors and cryptocurrency holders to purchase diamonds on the CEDEX Exchange