Ignite – ico review

ICO Start:               Jan 15, 2017

ICO End:                 Feb 28, 2018

Token:                     IGNT

Token Standard:   ERC-20

Platform:                Ethereum      

Price:                      0.00667 ETH

Total Supply:        10Mil

Buy With:              ETH

Location:               Gibraltar

Ignite’s software solution turns ratings into trading signals and automatically deploys capital from the Ignite master index, Ignite’s own investment vehicle, which is comprised of the highest-rated and performing digital assets available, and powered entirely by the opinion and wisdom of the Ignite RATINGS community.

Ignite token holders are rewarded for participating in the Ignite ratings process via a proprietary incentive mechanism. 

That links the wisdom of the crowd with the real-world performance of those assets being rated. Ignite achieves this by listening to their community/crowd and investing in those assets that they rate most highly. After that they are sharing their gains with them. 

Currently, those wishing to invest in “the crypto space” have very limited third party resources to assist them in making investment decisions. The vast majority of reviews or ratings of ICOs are highly subjective (often the opinion of one individual), and tainted by the fact that the reviewer/rater has been paid by the ICOs they are rating. 

This fact creates a fundamentally flawed business model which is similarly as that which has had a considerable part to play in more than one financial collapse in the past few decades. 

This is so drastically different from what blockchain brings: the decentralisation and distributed ledger technologies

The Ignite ratings model avoids such flagrant conflicts of interest by aligning everyone’s interests – ratings become more impartial, more honest and more powerful through the collaboration of the crowd. 

Those looking to raise funding via ICOs are encouraged to be more transparent and more professional in their approach.

Proceeds from the Ignite crowdsale will be used to fund the ongoing development of the Ignite RATINGS platform and to provide the initial investment capital for the Ignite MASTER INDEX. Ignite’s token holders become its fund managers, as the ratings generated by the Ignite RATINGS platform are translated into trading signals and the Ignite MASTER INDEX’s capital is deployed. In return for lending their wisdom to the Ignite MASTER INDEX, 50% of all trading gains is distributed back to Ignite’s token holders, while a minimum of 30% of all trading gains is reinvested into the Ignite MASTER INDEX, growing the deployable capital base.ratings