Lucyd – ico review

ICO Start:              October 17, 2017

ICO End:                January 28, 2018

Token:                    LCD

Token Standard:  ERC20

Platform:               Ethereum

Price:                     0.25 USD

Total Supply:       500,000,00

Buy With:             USD/BTC/ETH

Location:              UK

Definition: “augmented reality (AR) is a live view of a real-world environment overlaid with a computer-generated interface”.

Lucyd is launching the LCD token generation event to decentralize the AR revolution.  They are designing the next-generation of  smartglasses which they believe can correct many of the problems existing in the available products today, along with a blockchain app ecosystem that would support Lucyd’s product. Lucyd Lens smartglasses will be designed to evolve your vision, by seamlessly merging valuable data with your sight.

We believe that Lucyd has a technology advantage in the AR space over the competitors because it has 13 advanced patents and a team of optics experts that are developing  a uniquely powerful pair of smartglasses.

How are they different from other smartglasses? Well, Lucyd Lens will be the first comfortable,lightweight, wire-free, and ergonomic glasses that accommodate corrective lenses and look like a normal pair of glasses. It will be an interactive AR peripheral that can display Android and iOS content in AR, while also supporting Lucyd native content. Lucyd is launching the LCD token to bring you the glasses of the future, and create an organic ecosystem for their growth.