Rentberry – coin review

ICO Start:              December 5, 2017

ICO End:                Februery 28, 2018

Token:                    BERRY

Token Standard:  ERC-20/223

Platform:               Ethereum

Price:                     1 ETH = 2,500 BERRY

Total Supply:       30,000,000 USD

Buy With:             ETH,BTC

Location:              USA

In Rentberry’s eyes, long-term rental space is the next industry to be disrupted by technology and that blockchain technology and smart contracts are an inherent part of the upcoming innovation.

Rentberry wants to allow both landlords and tenants to enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process, crowdsourced security deposit network, instant rent payments, internationally valid tenant and landlord scores, to name a few.

Rentberry already has over 120,000 users and 224,000 properties on their platform and has already raised $4 million in funds from highly respected angel and institutional investors. Unlike many blockchain startups, Rentberry already have an established business.

Since the launch of the latest version of Rentberry’s platform in early 2017, the media has referred to them  as a truly disruptive real estate technology. This results in requests from around the globe requiring about when Rentberry’s services and technology will become available on an international basis.

Rentberry token sale (“Token Sale”) is aimed to convert their business into a truly decentralized token ecosystem that will reduce the time and expense of long-term rentals for everyone involved, and provide the capital which will allow Rentberry to address the growing international demand for their services.

Lack of transparency in the rental process is a big problem, since as a long term rental seeker you have no idea if there were other applicants who were willing to offer more than the original asking price established by landlords. Moreover, once the apartment is rented, you have to freeze thousands of dollars for a rental security deposit even if you have excellent credit reports, employment histories and references.

The time-consuming, costly and annoying process of finding an apartment made Rentberry question the efficiency of the traditional long-term rental process.

This is a problem onan international level. Promotions of long-term rental properties offer no real value to users other than pictures and descriptions of the properties. Rentberry, however, is working on a technology that will unite tenants and landlords and simplify the rental process with a more complete online property management solution built on the blockchain.