Shopin – ico review

ICO Start:              Mar 15, 2018

ICO End:                Mar 28, 2018

Token:                    SHOPIN 

Token Standard:  ERC20

Platform:               Ethereum

Price:                     0.25 USD

Total Supply:       500Mil/1.5Bil

Buy With:             BTC/ETH

Location:              Usa

Shopin is the world’s first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain to securely unite retailers and their customers through personalized data intelligence. Winner of “Best ICO Pitch” by BTC Miami, voted “Best ICO and Startup” by CoinAgenda Global, and one of the “Top ICOs” by a panel of investors at Davos d10e, Shopin is revitalizing the retail economy by deploying blockchain technology to store value, purchase, and profile data, while scaling to facilitate a million transactions per second that empower retailers on the open web to provide a decentralized Amazon-like shopping experience with recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence. Shopin is creating a more sustainable retail economy where retailers become stronger by working together, and shoppers get rewarded based on the value of their data that they fully own, control, and can share.