Thrive – coin review

ICO Start:            Feb 15, 2018

ICO End:              Mar 14, 2018

Token:                  THRT

Token Platform: ERC20

Platform:             Ethereum

Price:                    THRT=0.25 €

Total Supply:      106MIL/200MIL

Buy With:             ETH,BTC,LTC

Location:              Switzerland

There is a concern among advertisers regarding brand safety and a need for transparency in terms of exactly what kind of content their ads will appear next to. This issue is driving a shift in thinking regarding digital advertising. Today there is an overload of websites to advertise on and lately there were incidents when brands have appeared in context and next to damaging inappropriate, distressing content, there is a deep need in being advertised in premium placement. As you know, companies do not control if their advertisement will appear in a well-known premium website or webpage. When brands do want to appear in several premium placements in one go, there is not quick or easy way of going about it, since today’s admarketplace is not equipped for this way of working. Advertisers need a premium, decentralized ad marketplace. Several attempts were made to achieve this idea, they all failed. The chance of change, comes from Blockchain. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt this industry. Blockchain technology is based on the concept of a decentralized and distributed consensus ledger. Thrive is convinced that this new technology will enable this future of digital marketing. Thrive ambition is to “build a better internet”.

“Thrive’s ultimate goal is to establish the first meritocratic & community based Premium Advertising Market Place, where all participants become strong contributors in defining clear publisher interests, commercial benefits and self reinforcing processes to make joining the group a no-brainer.” Thrive believes the community is the backbone of its business model, therefore all main actors who are actively contributing to the Ad Market Place development such as Consumers, Reviewers, Advertisers and Publishers are eligible to improve their economic performance.

Thrive pays you for your content

Thrive will take care of lightning fast payments

Thrive will make sure you’ll pay lowest fees ever

Thrive will protect your brand, increase your conversion and will get you premium placements for your ads.