Ceek – ico review

ICO Start:              February 19, 2018

ICO End:                March 4, 2018

Token:                    CEEK

Token Standard:  ERC20

Platform:               Ethereum

Price:                      0.25-0.5 USD

Total Supply:        1,000,000,000

Buy With:              BTC/ETH

Location:               UK

CEEK is building the Entertainment Metaverse -An interconnected virtual world of exciting venues powered by Ethereum smart contracts and protected by the blockchain.CEEK enables users to virtually “be there” at live performances, while physically being anywhere else in the world. This extends the reach of events globally for sold-out shows and introduces the capacity for artists to sell unlimited virtual tickets, along with real and digital merchandise. Using the CEEK Platform, music fans can purchase tickets and attend live concerts performed by their favorite bands and will experience the concert as if they had front-row seating. They are also free to viewbottom line through sales of direct artist-to-fan virtual goods inside of VR. Labels and artists will now be able to create and sell virtual tickets to VR performances and offer virtual goods to fans, such as virtual skins, digital clothing, and collectibles during events. Artists will also be able to interact with fans and can sign autographs on virtual album covers that apply special cryptographic token signatures that are unique and cannot be duplicated. Virtual album covers and other items signed by artists will be verified on the blockchain as to their authenticity, rarity and value for all to see. Additionally, CEEK provides the entertainment industry with seamless order, event and virtual sales tracking with detailed analytics documented on to the blockchain for all stakeholders. Labels and artists will be able to reap the benefits of streamlined processes that increase profit margins and clarity for both. CEEK leverages the blockchain to provide the highest level of transparency and security for the entertainment industry, labels, artists and fans. The CEEK Token is ERC20 compliant, yet combines another ‘special’ protocol that expands its’ Token functionality within CEEK virtual reality environments. Individuals can use CEEK Tokens to attend events, access VIP interactions with their favorite artists, purchase virtual goods, vote for desired venue performances and more. CEEK’s interactive voting will give fans more input in the programming process. Unlike traditional programmingwhere audiences have no say in what is broadcast, CEEKERS will have control over which marquee programs are produced and when. They will also be able to vote alongside judges during special events, such as the World Of Dance (WOD) finals that will be VR live cast by CEEK in 2018. Those who participate will be able to use CEEK Tokens to vote for their favorite acts during the show with each CEEK Token equaling one vote. Once the voting period closes there will be a short delay as consensus is validated with the final results broadcast in CEEK VR venues around the world during the live event. Seeing the immediate impact of how votes count for their favorite performers will be impactful, fun and bring that next level engagement between artists and fans. We are at a point when advancements in tech-nology have converged to enable mainstream adoption of a fully immersive, virtual reality ex-perience and with it comes exciting new possi-bilities and revenue streams for entertainment, media and music industries and their fans.