TV-TWO – ico review

ICO Start:         February 24, 2018

ICO End:           March    24, 2018

Token:               TTV

Platform:          Ethereum

Price:                 1 ETH=10000 TTV

Total Supply:   500MIL

Buy With:          ETH

Location:          Germany

TV-TWO is an application for Connected TVs that offers regular consumers of broadcast television an easy way to transition into a world with a personalized video stream. A major part of the solution is the fact that the traditional broadcast signal is watched through the app. This will allow an analysis of behavioral patterns across all linear channels – including channel selection and dwell time. Furthermore, this will allow an easy access to the video stream.  

Clicking  “Enter” on the remote control, will operate a layer inserted over the TV content.

Now, for the user it will be the same experience as changing the channel.Because the video stream itself blends organic content with relevant ads. Based on in-stream behavior, preferences in linear TV, surveys and other data available and collected, a supervised learning algorithm selects suitable videos from a broad selection of high quality content. The videos vary by language and the following categories: Movies, Music, News and Politics, Travel and Nature, Food and Beverages, Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Cars, Technology, Gaming, and Education. Blockchain technology allows TV-TWO to circumvent all the complexity and privacy issues of programmatic advertising.

Blockchains combine concepts of peer-to-peer networks, asymmetric cryptography, decentralized computing and smart contracts all that is integrated in a new technology platform. The privacy and the transparency of blockchain transactions will play a major role in the decentralized TV ecosystem that TV-TWO are building. The pivot of the new marketplace for consumers, content partners and advertisers will be the Token for Television (TTV).

The following interactions in our model are based on TTV:

1.Advertisers will give TTV to users for watching sponsored videos

2.Providers of Content  get TTV from users for offering premium video content

3. Consumers accumulate TTV that they can store in their wallet and trade on crypto exchanges